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EPE have two main types of client – investors (through their financial advisers) and corporate clients looking to raise money.


EPE can assist corporates in a number of ways – raising funds on their behalf from investors or other fund managers; providing investment from their portfolio funds under management; or introducing you to their corporate finance colleagues for help with structuring, strategy or applying to HMRC for tax clearance.


Much of EPE’s fundraising is for small companies where tax breaks will often be available – for instance through VCTs or EISs.


They have a particular interest in asset-backed trades, where a tax-qualifying trade is supported by an underlying freehold asset. Asset-backed industries in which we are active include pubs, farm shops and children’s nurseries. When contacting them, it greatly assists if you have available a short executive summary up to three pages long!


For further information please refer to or contact Christian Elmes on 01438 814214 or email